Dolphin Tale 2 (sneak peek)

OK so at my Encounter weekend, God also showed me that I need to be VERY careful of what I allow into my head and heart in the forms of entertainment. That means getting rid of a tv show that has a clairvoyant in it (as a bad guy but still). That means not reading the celebrity magazines I do enjoy. That means deleting some songs off of our iTunes (luckily I have a whole list of new lovely ones to add). That also means being cautious of movies I watch AND that I allow my children to watch. I am the adult, the parent, their practical protector here on earth. They are NOT my children but HIS children that He has allowed me to parent.

SO I will be more careful of things I allow myself to promote and review on the blog, too. So I give you the sneak peek into Dolphin Tale 2 (the first movie was released in 2011). I hope you enjoy it; looks like a super cute film (and I love Morgan Freeman).


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