these long winter days (a post for mamas)

This winter is getting long, isn't it? As I'm settling in for a long weekend full of Winter Storm Titus (when did we start naming every storm?), I'm pondering how to off-set the extreme amounts of energy from being cooped up.

Here are a few of my tips FOR Moms (and anyone, I suppose):

- Get out and get exercise. A walk around the block (bundle well) or a trip to the gym will do you some great wonders. I know we all feel like staying in our warm beds but the quicker you get out of bed, the more you can get done! If you don't want to leave your house, check out YouTube videos or a DVD from your local library. The endorphins will help you make it through to at least nap time.

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- Take a nap. Your to-do list and chore chart will wait. Sometimes we just need a rest. And go to bed as early as possible. It's ok. I'm planning on being in bed by 8:30 tonight, asleep by 9:00. No joke. I think it's way cooler for me to be a well-rested mom than to stay up til midnight.

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please find a better place to rest! ha!
- Get out of the house! Whether it's grocery shopping, browsing the local clothing store or thrift shop, or going for a quick ice cream or snack, do it. Take the kids and let go of expectations. Just have fun. Yes, they're going to horse around. Remember they are kids.

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- If your budget allows, take the kids somewhere fun. A children's museum, a place with bounce houses (Lost in Fun in Lincoln, NE), or trampolines (Cosmic Jump). If nothing else, find an empty gym and take balls or ride-on toys and let them loose. Call your local high school, if need be. It helps a lot. I'm so thankful for our old high school gym being open to the public!

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- Relax. Take a bath or read quietly in your bedroom (or other quiet room). Do this at nap time, at bed time, or while the kids watch a show. It's ok to have some alone time.

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- Paint your toes or do your hair. I had a coach who once told us "if you look good, you play good." I mostly believe in that statement. If you have no skills, you'll still play poorly but I'm sure if you're slovenly, you'll play worse. The same is here. This is the game of life! Make yourself feel good!!

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- Take out all of the soft balls in your kids' toy bins or their Nerf guns and have a war with them. It's fun - trust me. Even if it's just a pillow fight, this will get so much energy out of your kids and you, too!

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also a fun date night idea!

- Pray. Pray for spring. Pray for patience. Pray to thank God for your wild children. Pray and talk to Your Heavenly Father about anything. It helps. A lot. And He likes to hear from us.

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Alright, I'm off to get these kids in bed. I am praying for you!! And for spring.


Linda said…
I really, really, really wanted to go to bed early last night and could not because I have a teenager who wanted to go to bed early but didn't. I'm single parenting this week and usually I can go to bed earlier but with the kid, it may not happen. Saying that, you gave great advice for mamas, young and old.

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