Storytime Saturday: Pizza

Oh goodness! I am not doing a very good job keeping up with this idea of storytime posts (I've only done the Monsters theme). I have missed THREE of them! Oops. I'll write next Saturday about the Emotions theme from early February. For now, on to pizza!

Storytime Saturday: Pizza!

Who doesn't love pizza?! Apparently at least one child in almost every preschool that I read to these past few weeks. Strange kids.  Anyway, I loved the books that I read to the kids.

Curious George & the Pizza - Rey (I can't find this on Amazon)
Curious George & the Pizza Party - Rey (my version of this book is just called ...George & the Pizza, too)
Secret Pizza Party - Rubin & Salmteri (which tended to be a better one-on-one book)
   - When I read this one, I used a raccoon puppet which we've had for years
"Hi, Pizza Man!" - Walter (this got the best laughs!)
Pizza Pokey - Stoodt
Pizza at Sally's - Wellington (the kids got a kick out of the cute cat in this that made its own pizza)
Pizza Party - Maccarone
The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) - Sturges (didn't actually read this one but it's a goodie)
Pizza Counting - Dobson (just showed the pictures in this which are very fake but cool)
The Pizza That We Made - Holub
Let's Make Pizza - Hill (this came too late for me to read to a class but it's a simple read)
The Princess and the Pizza - Auch (didn't read this at storytime but it's really good!)
Pete's a Pizza - Steig (this would have gone over better had it not been a very small board book. Very cute story and my boys have been asking to be made into pizzas for a few weeks now. I also found this YouTube video. I love animated literature!)
Pete's a Pizza image via Google

Silly Pizza Song from Signing Time - I LOVE this song but it turned out to be too long for these winter weary kids to sit through. Wish I had an iPad or something where I could have shown the video to go with because it's really a great song.

I am a Pizza by Charlotte Diamond. This was better when I was in one preschool that had the song and a big book to go along with it (I currently have no way to play music for the kids).

My original craft was a silly pizza. I took all the items from the song (apples, ice cream, cereal, etc) and made paper cut-outs for them. Then the kids glued those to pizza crust cut-outs I found online.

Then I switched it up for a younger class to where the kids just decorated the pizza crusts themselves. I liked this so much I did this for my last storytimes.

This printable pizza delivery set would be fun, too.

 I think the kids really liked these books and songs. I wish I'd had something more for them to get up and do - this winter is getting really long!!!
- I need some way to play music for the kids. I can sing but I was losing my voice for a few days and that made it HARD. I have an iPod but not a portable speaker.
- I'd love a way to play videos with the songs if available. Not sure how that'd work well.
- Wish I could have made the kids pizza for this. That would have been fun (time consuming, but fun).


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