Redstar Shades (review + gift code information for you)

I am not too picky about sunglasses, my last 4 pairs were either won on blogs or from Dollar General. I'd like nicer sunglasses but I just hate to pay for them. It seems frivolous, which is why I'm excited to share this deal for you from Redstar.

This is going to sound too good to be true, but I am assured it's true. If you go to the Redstar Shades website and enter this code-  MTA14 - you will get a $500 gift certificate good toward any pair of sunglasses on their website. All you must do is pay shipping and handling.

I received a pair of sunglasses from Redstar to try out. I picked these blue beauties. I haven't taken any pictures of myself in them...or any pictures at all lately. Eek!
all images from Redstar website

I like sunglasses in varying colors so now I've had red, white, and blue. These are marked at $150 but, to be honest, they don't seem that high quality. Maybe I just don't know my sunglasses well (duh, I shop at Dollar General for them) but these don't seem any better quality than my DG shades. However, I do like the color and how well they do shade my eyes. I also appreciate the fit. I tend to get headaches when I wear sunglasses too long and I haven't had this problem with these so maybe these are made for big-headed folks like myself.

Others that I think are cute are these yellow ones, but I already had a pair for running so I didn't get them. But I think they're awesome if you like "look at me!" sunglasses. I do.

all images from Redstar website
Or maybe you like aviators - I've always wanted a pair but they just look silly on me. But these green ones rock!

They have normal colored ones, too. Don't worry! I have a pair similar to these; I love wraparounds when I run to keep the sun out from all angles.

So go check out RedStar Shades. Use the gift code (remember, you ONLY pay shipping and handling). Enjoy and let me know if you use it!

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