Noah featurette: the Ark

"Noah," starring Russel Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, and Emma Watson (among others) opens March 28, 2014. I know this film is not going to follow the Bible exactly. However, Paul even gives glory to the Lord for those who share the gospel with false motives because His Word, His Salvation, His Love was still being shared to the world. The same is what I pray for this movie; that when people see it, their eyes are opened and that they open their Bibles to find out the truth. And then are lead to Christ.

This featurette is pretty neat, talking about how they built a portion of the ark. Most things are digitally built these days (they did say they enhanced it digitally for the movie but it was a set), so this is cool! I'm excited to see more of this movie as featurettes are released closer to the release date. Enjoy.


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