on running injured

Running has become pretty vital to my life. It's where I clear my head (and lungs), where I can let go of stress, where I can listen to my music (not that I don't LOVE The Despicable Me 2 soundtrack but c'mon, I can only take minions singing for so long) or audiobook.

However, running has been difficult these past 2 years because the majority of my running has been inside. On the dreadmill. I also mostly run on the two same treadmills: one facing a street and one facing the same street but most of my view is obscured by a block of cement or other building material.

I've been asked regularly how my foot is doing (if you recall, I hurt it last March). It's doing ok. I'm training for a half marathon (because I got to for free, not that I'm insane to train while still slightly injured). I've been able to complete 8 miles on the treadmill but only up to 3.25 outside on the road. The surface makes all the difference.

I'm not really sure if I'll be able to complete this half marathon or its training. I'm kind of taking it day-by-day and workout-by-workout. It's hard because I like to see the grand scheme of things, but this is something I've had to really pray and think about.

I do still enjoy running but I totally miss running outside. That sounds crazy to me from myself because I'm not an outdoorsy person. I would rather sit inside and read a book or watch a movie versus going outside to piddle around. But there are times when I love being outside: running, being at the park with my kids, hiking as a family (the few times we've done so), and taking my kids to the pool.

It would be a totally different ball game here if I had a way to watch something while I ran. However, our gym is....run down so there's no tvs or anything. I think we're lucky to have a radio. I also do not own an iPad or tablet of any kind that I could strap to the machine and watch. So I'm left to audio books. Know of any good ones? I'm listening to a Sue Monk Kidd novel right now; it's alright. Good readers.

I pray you are in good health and are enjoying the weather where you are (maybe it's warmer than here?).


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