Give Them Grace by Elyse M. Fitzgerald and Jessica Thompson

I write a lot of book reviews on here. I know that may not interest most of you, but I love books and I love free books so that's why I do it. I read a LOT last year! 33 actual books, 9 audio books (add .5 to each of those numbers because I was halfway through a book and audio book when the year turned over). One of those .5 books was "Give Them Grace" by Elyse M. Fitzgerald and Jessica Thompson.

I just finished this book yesterday. I hate when people say something "wrecked them." I pray this book wrecks me, ruins me, whatever. I pray this book is not just another book that I've read on parenting. That it's not just one that I loved loved loved that fades with time. I WANT this book to change my life.

It has already...but for how long? I don't know and only time will tell. But this is powerful stuff. It's not a system of ABC and your kids will be perfect little darlings by Friday. It's not do XYZ and your kids will always follow Christ.

No it's reminding us that 1. we are sinners, 2. our children are sinners, 3. we cannot save our children, 4. God loves us and them, 5. only God can save our children. Phew! That was the most simplified version of a book that I underlined and highlighted more than any literature book I read in English classes in college (and I take lots of notes)!

What a relief it was to me to be reminded that if my kids throw a fit in the store - that doesn't mean they won't be in heaven when they pass away. That I can have them pray, read the Word to them, watch What's in the Bible and Veggie Tales galore, take them to church/VBS/Sunday School, I could even homeschool them (I don't currently but I could!) and that will not ensure their salvation. Weight. off. my. shoulders.

That doesn't give me a free pass to raise my children like wild horses. No, this book taught me an awesome acronym that helps me remember how to train/shepherd my children. Moms Need To Constantly Pray = Manage, Nurture, Train, Correction, [share God's] Promises.

I am called to love my children [my neighbors] as myself. I am called to train up my children in the way they should go. I am called to do all of this because I am so very grateful to my Savior for pulling me out of utter lostness and desolation to His side where he has adopted me as His own. I love because I was loved first.

This is not just a parenting book. No, I think it's a great reminder of the grace we have been given. I am free to share this grace with EVERYONE and I desire to do so because, if I remember what I am saved from, I will want everyone else to know this joy that resides in my heart.

I am not perfect but through my Savior, Jesus Christ, I am filled with grace. I have had my execution stayed...because He was murdered for me. He took my sin upon himself and gave me mercy. Mercy! I am no longer guilty but through His blood, I am called righteous. I want that for my children and so I will continue to share grace with them. Not a free ride without consequences but love and grace and love and grace and tell them Who loves them and Who can free them from this ugly sin that we all suffer from.

All suffer from. You suffer from sin. Even if you don't realize it. And you needn't. The Lord loves you, no matter your past or present. He knows and he loves you! He is waiting. Don't make him wait any more.

Anyway, best book. Loved it. Didn't even get this one for free. :)


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