Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Whoa - another new year. They come by fast, right? Surely I'm not the only one who thinks this. I enjoyed this "boring" 2014 with no new really anything. However, I am always excited by the prospect of a new year. I love the adventure of "new," and sometimes "unknown" (this is a little scarier).

My greatest emotion right now is peace - supernatural God-filled peace. Peace that He is here, was here yesterday, will be here tomorrow. That He softens hearts and changes character flaws. That He loves me and that doesn't depend on how I act from one second to another. That my children are loved dearly by their heavenly Father (and earthly one) and that salvation is from Him, not me. That God does not love me based upon my weight, hair color, jean size, shoe size, fashion sense, domestic skills.

This year my goals are simple:

- rest in His love and grace
- show His love and grace (to myself and to others)
- be in constant contact with my Father (pray a lot more than I do now)

Sure, I have some fitness goals and I'd really love to not yell this year (except in emergencies) but those things are not who I am. I am a dearly loved child of the One True God of Israel (and the World).

He has loved me and so I love Him. I'm coming to the realization that this life is not about what I do for Him but about what He has done for me (and you).

Friends, I pray you grow closer to Him in 2014 and know how much He loves you, no matter what 2013 looked like, no matter how you spent New Year's Eve, no matter if you love Him, no matter if you even acknowledge Him, no matter the past or present or future. His love for YOU stands true. He wants a relationship with you, but He is patient. Know He is good and trustworthy and is waiting. What better time to start anew with the Creator than a New Year??

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