what are these "good things"?

I was reading Ephesians 2 this morning and got through to chapter 10 when I was hit with conviction.

"For we are God's masterpiece. 
He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, 
so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago."

This small, still voice inside said, "and those good things are not measured by your weight or pant size." Whoa! That voice (the Holy Spirit for those unfamiliar) stopped me in my tracks. I've been upset lately about pants being tighter (thanks Thanksgiving dinner and my lack of self-control, which is an issue but one I'm working on) and scale numbers being higher.

But in reality, does it matter? Sure, God wants us to take care of our bodies and respect the place His Spirit dwells (if you've accepted Christ as your Savior). We are not called to be gluttonous or lazy or to sacrifice our health, but we are also not judged on our size or weight or muscle tone or athletic accomplishments. We are judged by our sins and our repentance and whether we have a relationship with Christ.

As we prepare today to attend a funeral of a dear friend's father, I have been thinking about how lucky he is already (the father) to be home. This man loved the Lord and served him so right now he is in heaven with our Heavenly Father. I doubt his weight has come up as a subject just yet.

So how selfish of me to put so much emphasis on my weight and my size when I could have so many better thoughts to put my energies toward.

We are in the midst of the holiday season, which often includes eating WAY too much but also making resolutions for the new year. Let us lift our minds to heavenly things as we contemplate vows and resolutions, rather than obsessing over numbers on a scale or a tag. Let us lift our minds to heavenly things as we take our seat at the dinner table, thinking about how this food glorifies our Lord (He has made all things good) rather than making ourselves sick with gluttony (yes, let's call gluttony what it is rather than the PC version "over eating," too).

Amazing what one verse can speak unto a lost heart.

Lord, thank you for focusing my heart back where it belongs, upon heavenly things rather than earthly things that pass away. Please help me to put thought into what I put into my body and how I think of my body. You have made all things good. I am your masterpiece. - Amen


Linda said…
Thank you for this. If feels to me sometimes that the whole world is obsessed with getting fit physically right now. That if you're not preparing for a marathon then you are less than a person should be because you have failed.
I just want to be normal. I just want to be able to enjoy my life without feeling like my weight gets in the way. But the world is shouting to be a runner (something I will never be) and that I should be doing races and showing off my physical prowess to everyone. Not that there is anything wrong with those things, but they are not to be our goal, our life's trophy.
I've never felt like you thought that way, but I certainly feel the world pressing me into that mold for some reason.
Your post hits it right on the head with truth. Thank you for sharing your heart!

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