Moms, please read

The above is a podcast from John Piper. Don't be scared if you think he's a really deep theologian (which he is); it's worth the listen and it's not full of scary apologetics (which you shouldn't be scared of anyway but I know I used to be).

This link is to a wonderful piece on motherhood. You are a good mom. Say it out loud. Say it every day. Do it. Then share it with your mom friends and remind them that they are good moms. If they aren't good moms, encourage them to be...

And be praying for me and the other moms in our school. This starts a 5 day break from school for the kids. If you hear a weird noise, kind of like yelling but far off, it's probably from the state of Kansas. Slightly kidding.


Mommy Run Fast said…
I love John Piper. And what a fantastic message!

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