I haven't written anything for ages!

Time is flying by this year - almost Halloween, Christmas things in the stores. And I find myself the busiest I've ever been. I hate that. I really dislike being busy. I want days where I can stop by a friend's house without worrying about the time. Ahhh the pre-school days. Speaking of...I need to run to a haircut....

Wow, I wrote that first paragraph a few days ago. See how time flies? We here at the S Club have been busy with storytime (me), school (boys), work and helping with harvest (Big A). We spent yesterday at Big A's parents' farm, helping with harvest. He helped with harvest, I helped wrangle the 5 grandkids. Each boy took a turn riding in the tractor, which they loved! We also did 4-wheeler rides. It was more fun than I anticipated.

Mostly I didn't anticipate it being fun because I've been a little overwhelmed and in need of a restful day. I've been doing a lot for storytime lately and that actually takes up quite a bit of time. I need to balance my time a little better, prioritizing things and not trying to be so ahead of schedule. But this is my first full year of this so it does take a little finagling.

I'm on week 8 of my Couch to 5k program. I went outside for about 15 minutes yesterday, running on the road. No pain. My foot still feels...funny, not quite right, but it may feel like that always. I've had friends who've had foot injuries that have healed many years ago say they still feel pain or just not right-ness.

I have also felt the need to spend more time with friends while I am still at home. We're not sure what the future holds as far as working goes, but I do have this year, so I need to get my rear in gear to be with them and strengthen those bonds before we all get *busy* (I loathe that word).

Life is good, it just goes by fast and sometimes I can't keep up. For now, I'm heading to the park with my family. Have a great week!


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