Monday, October 7, 2013

clothing swap

A few years ago I had an idea to do a clothing swap but had no interest, so I canned the idea. Then I read Jen Hatmaker's book 7: Excess Against Mutiny. In her clothing month (wore 7 pieces of clothing for one month), she mentioned that a friend of hers put together a clothing swap for women where the leftover clothing was donated to a local women's shelter.

My idea was back! I emailed to get a feeler out and got about 10 positive responses. I figured that was good enough! So I put it out there on Facebook. This last weekend was the date. I had 4 women volunteer to help me set up Friday night.

This may have proved the best of all. This girl time with girl talk that I needed so badly I didn't know I needed it was restful for my soul. Thank you Yalana, Kim, Rachel, and Mary! It was so lovely to chat between folding.

Saturday, I had a few lovely ladies trudge out in the early lights (again, thanks different Kim, Mary, and Rachel) and spend some time mostly chatting. It was kind of slow. Rachel stayed with me so long and then I kicked her out to go nap, but she was so lovely and came back and helped me pick up. Huge thanks for her!

I believe I set out with this clothing swap out of selfishness. New-to-me clothes. But God had something else in mind. Not many, but a few women in our community came by to get clothes and to donate clothes. Women I knew, women I didn't know! Some just donated without taking their share. One lady I didn't know asked about services held at our church (where the swap was located, more for convenience of space). I'm not sure if she made it to church (I was teaching children's church so couldn't search for her) but she knows now.

I called the mission this morning to see about donating and will wait for reply. But a few things I learned:

1. I need to make time to laugh with women

2. Febreeze would have been nice

3. Perfume worked.

4. My friend Mitzie makes a delicious sausage/potato soup thing. Delicious.

5. My husband should be sainted.

6. I got some sweet clothes!

Thanks to everyone who helped or prayed (which is helping). Let's do it again next year!


Teresa said...

Great idea! Especially for those like me who yoyo in size and have a wide variety!

Linda said...

Glad it was a success.

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