Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Audrey Bunny by Angie Smith (children's book review)

Last year, I had the privilege to hear Angie Smith speak at a Women of Faith conference. I am a fan from her red hair to the wise words given to her to share from the Lord. I first heard of Angie during the time prior to their daughter, Audrey's birth. I cried in their grief and rejoiced at their blessings. I loved reading Angie's book, "Mended." I was overjoyed to be able to read "Audrey Bunny."

I really enjoyed the illustrations in "Audrey Bunny" by Breezy Brookshire that accompany this story. I really enjoy the moral of this story = that you will be loved by somebody even with your imperfections.  I even loved that the story was told in the person of the bunny who wants to be loved but has an imperfection.
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I did enjoy this book from the bunny to the little girl who loved her. I love that the bunny is named Audrey after their daughter. I don't know how much of this story is true or not (Caroline is another Smith daughter and the little girl in the story). I love that it teaches about how God loves us through our imperfections (Psalm 139:14 ESV).

This is not destined to become a nightly favorite. My boys tolerated the book but it was lengthy and not fast-paced. There isn't a catchy hook in the words and is not very lyrical. Those are the beloved books in this house. However, this is a wonderful book for probably little girls who have a little more patience with this kind of sweet book. I did enjoy it as a mom, however. We will keep it on our bookshelf because I feel it's important to have a variety of books for my sons and this sends such a wonderful God-given message.

Disclaimer: Others may or may not have the same opinion(s) I have about this product. I also received this book in order to facilitate an honest review.


Kara said...

Well, I think I need to buy this book b/c of the names in it! Thanks for the review RS!

Linda said...

Love Angie Smith and her ability to relate so honestly. Her book I Will Carry You is fantastic.

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