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Q&A with Callie Grant, author of Jesus Shows Me (book review)

I love children's books that point my children to Jesus. Those are my favorite books and we have several children's Bibles to help them see different stories and Scriptures. I was excited to review Jesus Shows Me by Callie Grant and a few of her others in PDF form. I also got to do a question and answer session with the author; I thought I'd share it with you.

When did you know you wanted to write children's books?
I relate to what Anita Carmen said in a recent Q&A on this blog about Inspire Women and her sense of purpose. Her words were, "If we begin with what we like then the purpose is all about us." Creating books for children wasn't a passion I always had, or a dream or even a goal. Honestly, I wasn't always a big fan of children. In hindsight, though, I can see God preparing and fitting me for this work. I've always been a writer, in a variety of ways and careers. My passion to create books about God for children grew out of my growing love for God and for children, not really because I love of writing. I could have never predicted that.
Where do you find ideas for your books?
The new books published by Graham Blanchard have been in the works for a long time. When my daughter was born nine years ago, I started longing for books that connect her more directly with who God is and how she is made to be with him. The first years are so impressionable. And I thought, how rich would it be to have the actual words of Jesus whispered into a baby's ears? That first idea became Jesus Invites Me and the entire Knowing My God series. Over the years, the ideas took the form of our Learn, Absorb, and Praise collection of books that give a picture of life with God.
What do you enjoy most about your job?
I really do love the actual process of writing, and especially for children about God. I feel like I am in His presence. It is such an immersive and demanding experience for me that I have to set a timer to do other tasks because I get in a zone, and time goes by too fast. But, even more so, I love making these kinds of books available. So as I step back and bring other writers in, I'll turn more to the role of establishing Graham Blanchard in our small corner of the book market.
Any ideas what your next book will be about?
With our Learn, Absorb and Praise framework as a guide, one title in the works for the Knowing My God series aims to convey the heart and mind of Jesus at work in the Sermon on the Mount. This will be the toughest book yet because his teaching, though very simple, is still so revolutionary today.
Where do you write the most?
My desk in my small office gives me the best structure for writing and work in general. Once I get started, the sound of children playing or dogs barking in the house doesn't matter one bit. I get in the zone, and I am just happy to be there.
Thank you for your thoughtful questions!
—Callie Grant

Doesn't she sound awesome? I love hearing about authors who are honoring God with their content. Children are so so important to the Lord, I'm so thankful to Callie for sharing her answers with us today.

I thought Jesus Shows Me was a lovely little board book. I've enjoyed reading it to my children. It's a short book, which is sometimes just the right length for bedtime!
The photographs of the animals with their babies are so cute! Very vivid which helped keep my boys' attention. 
image via Amazon
 One page has a small verse or paraphrase of Scripture (i.e. Now remain in my love.) and then there's a paragraph about how that parent animal cares for their young in the same way the Lord cares for us. Just a really cute book that shares about God's love - right down my alley. 

Disclaimer: I received Jesus Shows Me in print and other books in PDF form in order to write an honest review of them. Others may not share my opinions.

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