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Kitchen Cleaning Tips that Saves Time and Money (guest blogger)

An organized and tidy kitchen elicits a special satisfaction for everyone in the family. Following these few kitchen cleaning tips will help you save time and money, while keeping the most used room sparkling and hygienically clean.

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Small, Continuous Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning is best approached as a continuous activity of small tasks. Cleaning up after every instance of food preparation, doing the dishes before they fill the sink, a quick sweeping twice a day and wiping down surfaces frequently makes the effort seem a molehill instead of a mountainous chore. Additionally, if everyone in the family is contributing some daily effort, then keeping the kitchen clean is a breeze.

Special Cleaning Tips

  • Microwaves: Special kitchen cleaning techniques can save a lot of time and hard work. For instance, to clean dried bits of food in a microwave oven, a wet towel “cooked” on high for 30 seconds will create steam that softens those bits. After a few minutes of waiting, those food bits are easy to remove with a damp sponge and a little soap.
  • Blenders: Cleaning a blender after each use is easy if the blender is allowed to do most of the work. After rinsing the blender carafe with water, it is placed again on the base with a few inches of water in the bottom. A drop of dish detergent and 10 seconds on high speed will do the rest of the cleaning. A final rinse and dry and the job is done.

Special Liquid Cleaning Solutions:

Cleaning solutions can be made from everyday ingredients found in most kitchens.
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda with a little water makes an excellent scrubbing solution that is non-abrasive. Adding a little vinegar to that mix makes it into a real stain killer.
  • Salt: Common table salt removes baked on food in pots and pans. It should not be used on nonstick surfaces though.
  • Homemade Disinfectant: A paste of salt and lemon juice is a perfect cleaner and disinfectant for cutting boards.
  • Acid Breakdown: A mixture of one cup of vinegar or lemon juice, one cup of warm water and a teaspoon of salt creates an everyday cleaning solution for wiping down countertops, cleaning the refrigerator or stovetops. It cuts through grease and scum without using harsh chemicals. It is great for cleaning stainless steel surfaces too. If followed by polishing with a few drops of baby oil or olive oil, the surface becomes stain resistant.
A little organization and frequent attention goes a long way toward maintaining a pleasant kitchen environment. Following the kitchen cleaning tips above will save time, money and reduce the overall effort to keep it that way.

Author byline: Karla Jennings enjoys her life organized, clean, and in order. She is a writer for Maid Brigade and runs her own home improvement blog dedicated to d├ęcor, cleaning, and organizing.

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