running update

Well, I guess more of a walking update as I'm not running (yet). I think my goal is to be (at the very least) running by Christmas. I'm hoping for much sooner than that. I'm up to 30 minutes of walking - very slowly. I upped the pace for a few minutes at a time and I stopped once to massage my foot. It feels pretty good today.

I realized I need to not sit crisscross as it smushes my foot and ends up causing pain.

I don't even think I told you. I went to the orthopedic doc a few weeks ago and they took another x-ray. No remodeling = no stress fracture. So we're back to unsure about what this is, but my chiropractor thinks it's metatarsalgia (which was our original thought). Rest seems to be the best remedy but I've been resting (more or less) since March. For Pete's sake!

So I'm taking it slow...literally.


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