Friday, August 23, 2013


Nebraska has a forest - who knew? 
OK I knew but only because I went to 4-H camp and an overnight field trip there when I was younger. Halsey is a pretty cool place so we took a day to take the boys up there with my parents.

Going up the Lookout Tower wasn't as stressful and scary as I remember (thankfully!).

Happy 7 year anniversary, sweetheart!

7 years, 2 kids, 1 blessed life.

Squirt loved the tower!!

Locust/Cicadas shells (Big A said they aren't really locusts because locusts are really a large grasshopper). Whatever. 

Moose still liked hiking but not as much as he did last year - it was cooler then. :)

30 minute hike and no pain in my foot - woohoo!

Squirt wanted to go up the tower again. 

Cheese, Moose!

Cheese, Grandpa!

Moose's photography skills!

Great angle on his brother! Squirt found an awesome climbing tree.

So in his element.

Moose didn't take to climbing or getting down quite as smoothly as his little bro. To each their own.

My mom didn't like this jumping out of the tree thing. Hilarious.

Fun trip and if you're ever up in the sandhills of Nebraska, check out Halsey.

 Most of these pictures are my dad's so please respect his work and let them be on my blog. I also realized I'd shared some of these pictures but wanted to share again!

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