1st day of school

As we enter the 2nd full week of school, I thought I'd share our first day of school pictures!

Moose is pretty consistent in becoming a race car racer.

Squirt kept saying he wanted to grow up to be a man (good goal! We need some good ones!), but I thought he needed a job goal, too. And he wants to take bad guys to jail, so policeman.

They were excited for the first day of school, but definitely sad to not be home. Good and bad. We again prayed about homeschooling but felt God wanted our boys to be in school so we could share in the lives of so many that work with them.


Mommy Run Fast said…
That is so, so adorable... I love that he wants to be a man. :)
Unknown said…
Your post gave me goosebumps. I pray every day to do the best I can for those parents who trust me with their most precious little ones!

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