while we wait to hear about the royal bebe...

I thought I'd share some water baby pictures from swim lessons.
Oh dear, they are much of babies anymore, are they?

Moose & Miss K - she was an aide in his preschool class  so last summer we thought she'd be the best teacher for him. turns out - I was right!

Mr. R and Squirt. They made a pretty good team this summer!

Mr. R had to have a dentist appointment so Squirt got Mr. J for one day.

I don't know how she taught him anything. All he wants to do is go under water.

there were many races between these four boys

the boys just wanted to play!

and by the end Squirt was loving it as much as Moose!

Squirt passed level 1!!! 

he liked to tell Mr. R what to do. Let's go under together. You go off the diving board. So fun.

Moose got to try out a new teacher, Miss A, for a few days the second week. 

she was super patient with him and got him to go off the diving board!! He passed level 2!!!
Yay for water boys!!!
I hear Kate and Wills get to enjoy having a little prince of their own. Congrats.


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