Praying God's Word For Your Life by Kathi Lipp (book review)

I have read several books on how to pray Scripture over your children, your husband, even yourself (I have five of these prayer books sitting on my bedside table right now). However Kathi Lipp's new book, Praying God's Word For Your Life, has been the most down-to-earth. I have so often read that God doesn't need fancy prayers (he even says he doesn't want our sacrifices and Christ scolded the Pharisees for their lengthy prayers because they were trying to be fancy more than heartfelt), but too often books on prayer include fancy prayers.

Prayer is a spiritual discipline that's difficult for me. I'm not sure if it's because I wasn't raised to pray or what but I have a hard time remembering. I'm growing in this area but I still have a long way to grow. I believe this book has already helped me learn to pray Scripture in a real way, not a scripted way. To really use Scripture to back up my petitions or my praises rather than just rote praying. God knows what's written in His Word; I feel he wants to hear from us. But using His own words just reaffirms that we are praying within His Will (or hopefully we are).

I really felt like Lipp was speaking to me while she wrote this book. It's really warm and really applicable to new and more mature believers. Lipp seems like a really fantastic woman of God who genuinely wants us to grow closer to the Lord through prayer.

I've been using this book to pray for my health as I'm still dealing with this pesky foot problem. The Scripture used for this prayer is John 9:1-5 and here is the prayer (not quoted from the book but paraphrased to customize it for my situation):

O God, you are my healer in every way. There are times I question whether my own actions have contributed to my foot being hurt. I worry I'm not praying hard enough or doing the right things to get better. But everything that happens (even me not going on my missions trip to Haiti) is so your greatness can be displayed. Whether I'm sick or healthy (injured or not), help me to show your glory to all who see me, because you are the one and only light in this dark world. -Amen

Isn't that a real prayer? It is to me. It's exactly what I am feeling right now in regards to my foot - telling God that it's OK, I know He's got plans for this, and I trust Him. Praying God's Word For Your Life can help you call out to God in regards to your finances, your work, when you're despairing, when you feel inadequate, when you're parenting, and in other ways. I highly recommend this book to help you with this spiritual discipline.

You can find Kathi's book on Amazon and other online retailers. You can connect with Kathi on Facebook or her website (you can also buy the book or her other books on her site).

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. Others may or may not have the same opinions as I have.


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