Monday, July 29, 2013

I forgot how long wrestling meets are

I LOVE wrestling! Not WWE but real, masculine Greco-Roman wrestling. 
I grew up with it - my cousins wrestled.
My big sister was a matmaid (stat keeper) for 6 years.
I was for 3-4 years (I can't remember now - getting old). 
I even married a wrestler.
Yet I'd never seen him wrestle...
until this past weekend.

Kansas has the Sunflower State Games
where people of all ages can do all sorts of sports;
including wrestling.
Big A signed up, practiced with a friend.
And got 3rd place in his age/weight division!!

wish you could see how sweet this medal is!

Well worth the 9:30-3:30/4:00 sitting in the gym
with kids under 6 years old. 
Once I relaxed a little,
(sometimes my expectations are a little high for my kids' behaviors)
we had fun.

We read, they played with Super Friends, we ate more than necessary
(I'm sure the latter is a requirement at wrestling, if I remember correctly).
We cheered for Big A!

my pictures are horrible! Hard to film video and take pictures at the same time.
Congratulations, sweetheart!

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