happy birthday, Moose and Squirt

Today is officially Squirt's 4th birthday (Moose's 6th was the 1st), but I want to wish both of my beautiful boys a happy birthday.

I love you guys so much!

Here's some great pictures we've gotten these past few weeks.

Aren't they just little Big As?! 

I love boy naps!

superhero friend picnic playdate - July 2

Spiderman and Wonder Woman

Robin and Wonder Woman

they got some DC Superfriends for their family birthday

this is about as much play as Wonder Woman has gotten...

Star Wars family birthday party

blow out the candles!

I love these boys, what a blessed woman I am.
We've been headed to swim lessons all this week. They have gotten better each day; I'll be sad when they're over. Next year's gift may have to be a pool pass!

Happy 6 years of being a mama and 4 years of being a double mama. I love you guys so much!


Stacey Ayars said…
I know this is random, but Randi, I seriously love your short hair ( I know it's not new, but I haven't told you...) you look stunning in these photos, Wonderwoman! You are blessed and they are blessed to have you!

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