Thursday, July 4, 2013

4 things to be thankful for on the 4th

1. 2 miles walked this morning in peace. Not running (yet) but walking will do for now in my injury rehab state.

2. a house. Too many in this world don't have a stable place to live. And even in year we've been here, I feel I take this luxury for granted.

3. family. I love holidays that equal days off for Big A. It's so lovely to have us together. We've played games together, read together, shot off some fireworks, and rested. Later - fireworks!

4. watermelon. It just doesn't feel like officially summer until we eat some watermelon. And I think $2.98 watermelon just tastes a little sweeter, right? Well, not quite as good as the free (!!) peas from my garden will taste (seriously, I have peas in my fridge that I picked from our garden). How cool are gardens?!

What are you thankful for today? Independence? Nice weather? Good food? Music?

Thank you to the soldiers who have provided so many nice freedoms that I enjoy every day. This is a sweet holiday, a sweet day to remember the freedoms we have as Americans, but (more importantly) the freedoms we can enjoy in Christ as we allow Him to break down our sinful hearts and replace them with His own.

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