I'm reading a book (review to come) about "should social media be used in church." It's an interesting question. I've been plagued (convicted) by several things said in this book. One in particular is about boasting.

Facebook is used really to promote ourselves. We share our pictures, can share where we are, create events, write status updates, comment on pictures. It's all about us. This self-promoting is really boasting by another name. Boasting.

I'm not pleased to admit this is another one of my sins. I boast. I boast about running (which God has gracefully pulled me off of that pedestal a lot through this injury), my kids, my marriage. I just am still contemplating how to share news without it being boasting. Sometimes Facebook is a great mediator to say "this was so cool" or "God did _______ in our life."

Just a thought for the weekend. A lot of fun coming up on the blog: Haiti trip (which means no posts mid-July) but even before that birthdays!! I love celebrating birthdays!


Teresa said…
Guilty as charged...what a great reminder.

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