Monday, April 22, 2013

my command center

Command center. What a silly name, right? But it seems to be all the rage on Pinterest. I've seen several tutorials on there of beautiful command centers. What is a command center? A place of organization where your house comes to thrive!

I love organization. I've never been to Ikea or Pottery Barn (scratch that, I've been to PB...I think), but I imagine it'd be a little slice of Type A heaven for me. After seeing all of these lovely organizational pretties online, I decided a little DIY was in order in the S Club.

After scouring online for hours...yikes...I decided on simpler (and cheaper - whoa prices can skyrocket on organizational items).

Below is the main part of our command center. The largest frame is one we had an engagement picture in where everyone wrote well-wishes on a mat. I got a poster board from Dollar General and put a generic calendar on there (no numbers, just days of the week). Then I use a marker board marker to write up our schedule. The file folder underneath is for my planner and papers that pertain to me.

 The four picture frames have our chore chart (really, my chore chart but hopefully it'll evolve to include our kids - they do help around the house by picking up or with chores I ask them to help me with), our weekly menu, a to-do list, and our family rules. I used a PDF with the little design at the top, then used to design them. Again, I use a marker board marker to write or cross stuff off our list.

This bulletin board is on an adjacent wall. It holds shower & graduation invites, school calendar, and other extras that need hung up but not put away. Under it are two frames for the boys' school newsletters (I haven't gotten Moose's yet, hence the empty frame). 

These file folders are for mail, bills, and boys' school papers. This has cut down on my counter clutter SO much! Which was the main reason for installing this command center.

I got everything except the big frame from I don't remember where the big frame was from but the poster board was from Dollar General. I think we spent around $50 on this. That may or may not be correct (I have the worst memory!), but it was money well-spent in my mind.

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If you are talking about frame the photo was in we got that at Walmart it's a poster frame for about 5-10 dollars but they can get at hobby lobby with a 40 percent off coupon for less

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