Wednesday, April 24, 2013

God's little miracle

Although my children are His miracles as well, this post is not about my bundles of joy (who aren't really bundles anymore, huh?). No. Today God worked a miracle! I have not been able to run for about 4 weeks without severe pain in my right foot (muscle overuse...go figure).

Today I walked 10 minutes. Then I ran 10 minutes. No pain. Not even a little except my legs which said "hey I thought we were biking?"

I was floored! Those 10 minutes were miraculous. Yes, there was much work put in by myself, my wonderful chiropractor (Dr. L), and ice. But myself, the doc, the ice does not work miracles. God heals. God works miracles. As I'm thankful for my doctor's work and wisdom, I know God is the Healer, the Great Physician. And I'm so thankful to Him for healing my foot.

Tomorrow I will try to run 4 miles. I may make it without pain. I may not. That does not distract from today's miracle.

Then God worked another miracle by allowing my 3-year-old to live as a van used her brakes before hitting him (she was probably 4 yards from him and it would have totally been his/my fault). No injuries and he's no better at looking for cars before crossing the street.

Anyway, I wanted to share the miracles God has worked (just today!) in my life. Where are your miracles?

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