Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter pictures

I love Easter! I love any holiday that gathers my family, but I especially love this one because it's a continual reminder of the importance of Christ's Resurrection (He rose from the dead, beat death! That's amazing and shows His authority as God over death and sin. It allows us the free gift of salvation. And I love free things, too!).

Our Easter almost didn't happen - the gathering part. Big A and I were sick Thursday. I was sick Friday and ended the day with chills and a temp. I woke up Saturday and felt much better - still weak, but better. 
Good enough to join the kids at the local egg hunt.

Almost every close up of this kid has snot coming out of his nose. Ugh. Allergies.

Moose in all of his glory. He does this with his tongue so much...

Spider-Man and Star Wars (below) are a large part of our conversations these days.
This mama loves it!! 

Star Wars Legos!! These have been a fun (and frustrating) part of our days. Lost parts, who gets to play with the droid arguments, wanting to take them outside (NO). But the fine motor skills is a good, good part of the legos.

My favorite people in my favorite place (our house, not necessarily the trampoline).

This man...he gets more handsome as the years pass. 

I hope you all had a happy Easter as well.
He is Risen. 

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