The Husband Project by Kathi Lipp (book review)

I am not always a good wife to Big A. I'm selfish - a lot. I like to win arguments, a lot of our schedule revolves around my schedule, dates revolve around my tastes. I don't like that. I want to be a servant to my husband - not like a maid (although those duties do fall under my territory - and I have grown to love that) - but someone who serves the man I love.

The Husband Project by Kathi Lipp really grabbed my attention. The subtitle is "21 Days of loving Your Man - on Purpose and with a Plan." Perfect! I jumped on the bandwagon and started my Husband Project. I did stray from the outlined plan in that I didn't have even one accountability partner (they recommend two). I told a couple girlfriends about the book but didn't delve further.

I did not do 21 days' worth of projects - I haven't had the book that long. And some of them were just not going to fit into our schedule - like the project where I'm supposed to work alongside him on something, that wasn't going to happen OR the one where we do something he used to love to do before we got married; fishing isn't happening in Kansas right now (unless it's the ice variety) but I do plan on keeping those in my toolbox for future reference.

Otherwise, I did well, I think. I wasn't very stealth about some of the projects. I asked him if there was something from my closet that he hated...he said he has no idea. I believe that; he has no idea when I describe a piece of my clothing to him. Oh well.

My favorite project was probably to get him a special treat just for him. I actually made him knock-off Cadbury cream eggs. He loved them!! And he made them last like a week; I was impressed. That was fun to be stealthy about that (sort of; he saw me making them toward the end).

Of course the "bonus" ideas were great, too. I won't delve much into that. Just...yeah. Married stuff.

This book was full of great ideas to put my husband first in my head. I enjoyed reading it right before bed so he was what I woke up thinking about. "How can I serve Big A today?" I like that. I want to continue to serve him and our sons because I love them and I love to take care of them.

If you're having a rough patch in your marriage or are in happy golden years, I highly recommend this book. I think putting an attitude of servitude in our hearts can really change a relationship. I know it made a difference in ours when I decided to put him first.

Find out more about Kathi on her website or Facebook page. Pick up your copy of The Husband Project from Barnes & Noble or (on sale right now for $6.99 here).

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review about the book and project itself. All opinions are my own and others' may differ. 


Linda said…
Happy Golden years. :) That's funny.

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