No, it's not Thanksgiving November but I'm thankful regardless. In the midst of this emotionally hard week, I'm thankful.

Don't worry, there's nothing big going on, just a kid who comes home daily from kindergarten grumpy. I feel like all of his happy hours are getting used up at school and I'm left with grumpy. *sigh* But I love him when he's grumpy and when he's happy. And I love his brother when he's weird (both referring to Squirt). *sigh* It's just not easy when there are tears numerous times on the way home (we live less than a mile from the school).

Tears over silly things: tv (UGH), not being able to go to someone's house (sorry kiddo, I cannot invite us to someone else's house!!), and sometimes sillier things.

But I'm thankful he's doing well in school. He no longer has a para with him at recess or lunch. He's also moved into the classroom for reading groups. I cannot tell you how much of an answered prayer those things are. Or that he seems to be getting along with most of the kids in his class (he seems to get into it with one kid but it's only every few weeks so I'm not super concerned, although I'd really like for it to stop happening) - he even seems to be a ladies' man....or at least he tells me he plays with girls at recess. Oh well, he has friends. PTL!!

I'm thankful for a little brother that I get to spend most of my time with. I'm thankful he's growing, even if it's sad that he's already into 5T t-shirts and PJs. *sigh* They grow so fast! I'm thankful for him, even when he's pouty after school and when he's weird. He makes me smile, even when I want to be frustrated with him. :)

I'm thankful for a husband who reads bedtime stories and gives me hugs when I need them the most. I'm thankful, even if he's been late home the last few nights (not his fault that customers in different time zones call at strange hours), for this job of his. I'm thankful for a man who is spending time with teenagers, feeding them with Truth; I wish I would have had an adult put that kind of effort and love into me as a teenager.

I'm thankful for my string art. I don't know if I'll make any money off of it, but I really am enjoying making them. I'll have to share some of my creations. I just finished two Harley-Davidson ones - they look neat.

 I'm thankful for treadmills, even though I'm ready to run outside full-time (this hot/cold business has been teasing with snow coming tonight). I'm thankful that I still have time to train for my marathon (coming up soon - May 5!!) but I'm ready for shorter long runs. :) I'm thankful for friends who understand my affair with running, even if I have yet to find a running BFF here in this town.

I'm thankful for yummy food. This counting calories business can get annoying but I'm doing really well and I don't feel like I've given up anything. All in moderation. I think I'll eat some chocolate tonight!

In other words, I love you Lord! Thank you for my blessings, even hard ones. My son may be grumpy but I have a wonderful son to love (two of them, in fact).


Teresa said…
The only time I spend with my daughters on weekdays are after a long day at work for me and a full day of play (at least for my toddler) so I get the tired, grumpy, and teething one too. It makes me sad, but oh how I cherish those weekends!!
Julinne Moore said…
My heart swelled hearing about Tristan's days at school. I love progress! And I love kiddos like Tristan who get me out of bed in the morning to go to work!

And thanks for putting yourself out there. Your thoughts make moms like me feel normal...because many times I'm thinking some of the same things!
Linda said…
Sending hugs to you my friend.

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