Wednesday, January 23, 2013

word of the year: thoughtful

Last year's word, intentional, did OK. Probably not as intentional as I would have liked but I think I had a pretty good year in regards to mothering, wife-ing (is that a word?), homemaking. I feel like I've grown spiritually and domestically in the last year more than the past 6 years combined.

So this year's word came to me while reading Desperate (review coming as soon as I finish it, hopefully by the weekend). In chapter 12, Sally & Sarah talk about Living on Purpose. And Sarah said that she had "resolve. I've resolved to be in the Word every day. I've resolved to think about the end-game and what kind of legacy I want to leave...I was thoughtful and kept my eyes on pleasing Jesus, not pleasing man." That's what I want!

I want to be thoughtful in regards to Christ in my life. I want the thoughtfulness of patience with my children. I want the thoughtfulness to be loving toward my husband. I want the thoughtfulness of cleaning my home so that I can open it to friends or new friends I haven't met yet. I want the thoughtfulness of what I read, what I watch, what I listen to to fill me with good, kind things. I want the thoughtfulness of what I eat and how I work out to reflect a life keeping my temple holy. I want to think!

I know in my younger years as a mom (a whole 5 years ago), I didn't really think. I just did. The only really thoughtful thing I did was to be brave enough to tell my husband that I couldn't leave our son in daycare. I don't even think I thought that all the way through - what that really would look like 5 years later. So I'll even chalk that up to a God-thing. I know when Squirt was a baby I was just surviving. I think many moms do at that stage, but I wasn't thinking of what kind of children I wanted to raise. I wasn't thinking of how to teach them about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and how to love and share and be kind and thoughtful.

I don't often think before I speak. I have a loose tongue. I know James says a tongue is like fire and mine can be a wildfire if I let it. So I really want to watch what I say, just take a minute to think before opening my trap. And think if what is going to come out will be glorifying to the Lord. I read a quote that says we should taste our words before we spit them out. So true here.

So here's to a thoughtful 2013.

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