Thursday, January 17, 2013


I saw a preview for The Biggest Loser where the contestants had to stand in a temptation room filled with food goodies for something like four hours a day. Sometimes I feel like I live in that temptation room. We are forever baking something or another either for small group or MOPS or dinner guests or because our children watch Super Why and that episode was about carrot applesauce cake. Then there's our pantry cupboard that is filled with candy that we use as incentives (bribes) for our children.

I'll be honest. My palate naturally gravitates toward salty, crisp snacks like chips. Chips are expensive, ergo we don't buy chips. Good for me. Candy is cheap, ergo we buy candy. Bad for me.

And when I focus on not eating the candy or baked goods, that's when I gobble it down. It's like driving. I was taught in Driver's Ed back in the day that if you focus on something, you'll naturally gravitate toward it whilst controlling a giant vehicle (or a not-so-giant one). Focusing on the cars in the opposite lane; you're gonna wind up hitting them. Focusing on the hawk on the pole (Big A!); you'll hit the pole!

It's not like I'm super concerned with my weight - I run 5x a week, I walk once a week, and I crosstrain once-ish a week. Now, this week I've been sick so I haven't done hardly anything - at all. Even eat (which is weird because usually when I'm sick, it's like I was today and I eat everything!). I've gained back my four pounds that I worked so hard to lose on the treadmill for two freaking hours last weekend. Again, it's not like I NEED to lose weight, but it's been a goal of mine for...well, since I lost my weight in 2010, to hit a certain number. I have yet to hit that certain number BUT I believe training for a marathon mixed with not eating when I don't need to could result in that number.

It's not really about a number, but I hate being poochy and after birthing my two giant babies, I'm poochy. Like many other women, but it bothers me nonetheless.

So how do you keep your hands out of the cookie jar? I really did great this Christmas/Thanksgiving season by not gaining ANYTHING! Woohoo! Now, I just need to stop eating all the junk in sight. And it would help if people selling food wouldn't stop at my house...oh crap, I just bought a cream cheese braid today. *sigh* Can't they sell milk for a fundraiser? Cheap milk?

It doesn't help that broccoli and cauliflower were over FOUR DOLLARS at our local store today. Yuck! I just wish there were something I could snack on throughout the day without it being a black hole for my calorie intake (not that I count calories because I really am too lazy for that). I guess popcorn would be OK for that - have you seen the calories of a whole bag (not the uber buttery ones, but regular butter ones even are ok)?? And I really do like apples & oranges. I need to take them out of the bottom drawers so I can see them.

Any tricks??

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Stacey said...

Not much help from me! I seem to be gaining weight, lol. Thankfully it is to be expected. Now in a year or two, when this baby isn't nursing anymore, ask me how I plan to keep the extra pounds off.... I'm hoping to figure that out by then!

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