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pvBody (review)

another pvBody outfit via SITSgirls Flickr
pv.Body was started because the founders, Marcus Greinke and Lindsay Daniels, felt that women were paying too much for active wear (athletic clothing). I agree. My active wear wardrobe is ridiculously small: 1 pair capris (from my mom), 2 pairs shorts (from my sisters), 1 tennis skirt (bought at a discounted price), 1 tank top (from a sister), and tech t-shirts from races I've entered or from my sisters. My running socks are 2 years old, my sports bras are about the same age. I just hate to drop $30 on a top and over $50 on bottoms (less for shorts but still!). I've needed a pair of running pants for at least 2 winters but the price was too much, so I went without. Until now. Enter pvBody! I received an outfit worth approximately $150: pants and a tank top.

Well, needless to say, I love the pants. They came at just the right time when this Kansas winter has settled in. I've been able to run outside in weather that otherwise would push me indoors to the treadmill. The tank top probably doesn't fit the weather, but it fits my lifestyle. When I am pushed indoors, I love to wear tank tops. I dread running inside because it's so stagnant that I get hot easily so a tank top is perfect. I also like clingy tops to do yoga or DVD workouts in; so this fits the bill. I also happen to think I look pretty smoking in it! The design and fabric wrap my body so the rolls and unslightlies don't show; which, what woman wouldn't appreciate that?! I do have to wear a sports bra with the top when I run; built-in bras don't work that well for me. I like to keep things under wraps, so to speak.
love how long this top is! No muffin top in this!
So far I've ran twice in the entire outfit - distances of 3 or 4 miles. The pants are so comfy; I wish I didn't sweat in them so I could wear them all day. The top is tight but I like that; especially on my outdoor runs, I think it helps keep me warm. I ran 7 miles in the pants yesterday (too cold for the top); they kept me at a great temperature (it was only 50 outside, though). I've done yoga and another DVD workout in them. It's very comfortable. I like especially doing these workouts, how the top stays put. Sometimes I'll be doing yoga in a t-shirt and will have to go to a clingier top because when I'm doing downward dog or plank, the shirt is just in my way! I don't like to think about my clothing when I'm working out; it's hard enough to work out. I'm so thankful for this outfit and opportunity to try this company!

How the program works. You sign up and take a quiz (for FREE; I'm an Epic Athlete). Then every month, you'll receive a two-piece workout wear outfit for just $49.95! That's pretty cheap for athletic clothing; considering you can go into a sporting goods store and drop $11 on socks, $30 on shorts, and $30 on a top. Free shipping and easy returns are other highlights of this program. I think that's pretty awesome that you can do this every month but it's really easy if you need to pause or cancel your subscription (read more in their FAQ).

apparently I need to work on Warrior 2 but I still look good thanks to pv.Body...
Discount for my readers: Signing up for pvBody gets you a $15 Lululemon gift card, plus 25% off your first month subscription.
URL to use:

see the cool design on the top? Love it! And it stays in place while doing yoga!

You can find more at the pvBody website, by liking them on Facebook, or following them on Twitter.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy: pvBody is easy. Take the quiz, sign up and boom, an awesome package arrives at your door each month with a hand picked outfit for you!
Every outfit is styled just for you by a pvBody expert. Each month you receive an outfit worth $150, but you pay just $49.95. You’re getting great, quality pieces for a fraction of the retail cost thanks to the relationships pvBody has built.
pvBody is not just another clothing company, but a lifestyle brand. Their blog is a great place to check out tips and tricks for healthy, delicious meals and at home workouts.
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of pv.body. The opinions and text are all mine.

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