Friday, December 28, 2012

Mended by Angie Smith (book review)

I had the privilege of hearing Angie Smith speak at the Women of Faith conference I volunteered at in November. She is an author of several books (including this one, Mended, of course) and speaker and mother and wife of Todd Smith (lead singer of Selah). And I tell you, she seems like she could be my next BFF. She's very sincere and just seems like someone you could chat with forever over a cup of coffee. Although the closest I got was getting her autograph.

picture from Angie's website
But Angie write how she speaks, very level, very real. Mended is set up like a devotional, but I don't necessarily think you must read it like that. Although there is some deep stuff in there, so I like to take it bits at a time.

I'm taking my phrase for 2013 from one of the entries in this book: one better. God spoke to Angie one day to tell her that she didn't need to be superwoman but just could go one better. Are you folding laundry? Do one better and put it away. Are you making supper? Go one better and make two: one to eat and another to freeze or share. Are you spending the day with your kids? Go one better and take them out for ice cream. It doesn't have to be huge or life-changing but that one better could change everything!

Angie and Todd lost their daughter Audrey just after Moose was born. A lot of her writing centers on being mended from loss or heartache. After the Connecticut shootings a few weeks back, I was really touched by many of these entries in the book. They helped me remember that God is bigger than any bad thing that happens here. They helped me call out to Him when my heart hurt so for those parents and families. Even in my day-to-day that isn't exciting, these entries remind me to look for Him in the mundane (reminds me of Angie's fellow WOF speaker, Ann Voskamp) and listen to Him above the noise of boys and toys and distractions.

If you're hurting, you feel like a broken pitcher, remember that God can piece you back together and where there are cracks, will shine through like you never could on your own. I love this book and will probably read it over and over (which is saying something because I rarely re-read any book). Definitely one for your nightstand or to stick in your purse for those appointment wait times.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. Others may or may not have the same experiences as I've had. 

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