Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Gift Idea: The Bear Accessories (review)

The Bear Accessories Etsy shop began out of necessity. A necessity of affordable superhero jewelry. There's a story I can relate to! With my boys in full love of all things superhero, it has naturally (at least for me, naturally) boiled over into my wardrobe. But Jessica, the owner of Bear Accessories, is correct: superhero jewelry (and other things) are expensive!

Jessica sent me a Superman pendant necklace for review. This is a well-made necklace made from clay; I am not that good with craftsy stuff like that, so I think this is really well done. It's not going to come apart, in my opinion. The chain was long, for me, but a good quality of chain. My only real dislike about the pendant was it was large: 2x2" by 2.5" - not exactly the dainty jewelry I really like. But that's just personal taste.

I wanted to share some other Bear Accessory items that I liked and thought other superhero aficionados (or just fans) would dig:

Avenger Ornaments!
Avatar Air Nomads Earrings

Avengers necklace
Sailor Mars pendent
If you're unfamiliar with the last one, it's from the Sailor Moon cartoon that I watched around 6th grade. Mars (Raye) was my favorite character.

Anyway, I love the organization of the Bear Accessories shop. There's the DC collection, Marvel, video games, cartoons, Sailor Moon, sale, and ornaments.

Disclaimer: I received the Superman pendant to write an honest review. Others may or may not have the same experiences that I've had with the company, shop, and/or product(s).

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