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Holiday Gift Idea: Wonder Forge games (review)

I'm a gamer. I grew up in the gaming age so I love the old Nintendo games, we have a Wii and a PS2, and even our boys love Guitar Hero and this NASCAR game Big A plays for them. But my true love of games is found in simpler games: card and board. I have tried hard to pass on this love with Go Fish and UNO and Hi-Hi Cherry-O. Simple games from simpler times.

But I love new things, too. I love pop culture games because I try to keep on the up and up of the era. All kids love new things but my kids have really taken to our new games from Wonder Forge. We tried out a few Cat in the Hat games about a year ago or more and we loved them. So I was excited to work with Wonder Forge again. We received Who Shook the Hook? (a Jake & the Neverland Pirates game), The Joker Funhouse (DC Superfriends game), and the Enchanted Cupcake Party game (Disney princess game).

My boys were gung-ho about the Joker Funhouse game, them being so big into Superman. We've played it several times together and it's quickly becoming my favorite kid game. The rules are simple, the boys get to have "super powers" that they get to use (Superman uses his x-ray vision, Batman has a device that you fire to shoot the Joker off his feet, Green Lantern uses a shield to protect himself and his friends, and The Flash has super speed). My favorite thing about this game is that the superfriends have to ALL cross the finish line in order to beat the Joker. I love things that teach teamwork instead of "I win!" and this game does just that.

I played the Enchanted Cupcake Party game with Squirt. I would say that, of course, this is more geared toward the females in the crowd or anyone who loves princess movies or to bake.

I love how cute the little cupcakes are! 

Each princess has her own cupcake design - Snow White's is my favorite although Ariel will forever be my favorite princess! Squirt didn't really understand the game but I wonder if these had been superheroes rather than princess if he would have been more interested. I liked the idea of the game because Moose gravitates toward the desserts in our friends' play food. I would have enjoyed the game as a child myself.

Snow White cupcake

Ariel cupcake
Who Shook the Hook? reminds me of Don't Wake Daddy that I played with my little sister growing up. Hook is on this hammock sleeping. He's surrounded by treasures. Jake & his crew of pirates have to get the treasures without waking Hook. Very cute, pretty simple. My 3-year-old couldn't quite use some of the tools as easily as Moose, but that will come with age. My boys also don't really understand that you don't want to knock Hook off of his hammock, so they purposely try to do so. They do that with Don't Spill the Beans, too. That's ok because they have fun. And my boys have never seen an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates but they love pirates so, this was a very good fitted game for them.

We really do enjoy playing games. It's such a great activity for dexterity and learning to take turns. Winter is coming here in Kansas so I am armed with these wonderful games for those cold and snowy days. You can be too! Wonder Forge has some other terrific games available and I wanted to share a few others that I find to look like great fun:

Dazzling Princess Game:

Richard Scarry's Busytown Eye Found It:
Chugginton's Traintastic Cargo Game:

Angelina Ballerina Dance With Me:

I hope you can find something suitable for the kid in your life. Games are fantastic for coordination, social skills, and just plain fun (without the tv!).

Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned games in order to write an honest review. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) with the products and/or company as I've had.

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