Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween is over. Phew! 
Whirlwind October starts the busy season in this house.

Squirt got this pumpkin on his class field trip. 
I decided to paint in honor of the Man of Steel.

I let Squirt skip nap yesterday so we could head to school
to watch the Halloween parade.
Basically the kids walk around and parents come up to see costumes.
Cute. I was impressed with how well Moose stood in line.

After school I gave them Superman cookies.
Apparently cream cheese frosting doesn't freeze like buttercream.
So I took a picture with the wax paper and then took it off. :)

The cookies we made for trick-or-treaters.
I figured if their parents didn't want them to have homemade goodies,
they could throw them away. 

the half frosted cat and very sprinkled pumpkin were Squirt's
I love these mummies!  

The Super S Club family!
Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and two Supermans

Lois and Clark
I had two women think I was a real reporter. Cute.

We did our Main Street trick-or-treating, a small trunk-or-treat and then we ate pizza and were done.
I have both boys home. I took Moose to the doctor yesterday and they gave him stuff for his cough,
and said he could go to school, but the kid has just been exhausted all week, so I thought a day of rest (and Cars 2) was in need.

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Megan said...

Those mummy cookies are so cute! (As is the pumpkin, quality paint job!)

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