Friday, September 28, 2012

vacation pictures

Vacation was not quite a month ago, but I did promise pictures. I've been busy with the boys, working out (getting my mileage back up for running), making bracelets (maybe I'll do a tutorial), watching Bones on Netflix, trying to install Adobe Flash on my computer about 20 times (literally), and learning to make pecan rolls (today!).

The first part of our vacation was to my parents' house. We hung out at my Grandma's house. Her sprinkler was on so my boys stripped to their undies - despite Squirt not going in the water and going WAY around the water to avoid any touching. :)

My Grandma just retired from 28 years of working at the local dive - I mean bar & grill. It definitely won't be the same without her, I can assure the town that. 

Some Grandpa shots. I think the boys really enjoyed their time with their "abuelo" and "abuela" (thanks Dora).

My parents live close to Fort Kearny so we headed out there, hoping to catch some re-enactors. 

Oh little Laura Ingalls Wilder - I mean, Moose. My dad did get a shot of me in old prairie garb but I haven't seen that shot. 

Heading west!

Grandma was a trooper walking around all day in her boot cast. 
The picture below, I have a picture very similar from Squirt's first birthday. So sweet.

After a few days in mid-Nebraska, we headed to western Nebraska to visit some college friends.
We got to see/meet their little boys, A & H. We'd met A (in the Cars hat) when he was a tiny baby and hadn't met H (in the Batman hat) yet. It was a nice time to visit and enjoy some collegiate hospitality.

Miss A here is a runner, too, gearing up for her first FULL marathon. So stinking proud of her (and slightly jealous!).

Her hubby, Mr. J, is a music teacher. It was great to just hear how life goes for them out there; they're quite a bit away from their families so it's hard and we understand that.

We swung north again and hit up Chimney Rock. For those of you not from Nebraska, did you ever play Oregon Trail? You passed Chimney Rock in western Nebraska. It's way smaller than it was in good ol' pioneer days, but I thought it was neat to picnic by it. Just thinking that people traveling in covered wagons could have picnicked in the same place that we did? 
I swear I'm a prairie girl at heart.

We ate a lot of picnics on this vacation. Lovely weather.

Sorry, I didn't mean to squish it that much!

Above is Courthouse Rock and below is Jail Rock. They are side-by-side. Just another Oregon Trail/Mormon Trail/Pioneer trails landmark.

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I know I said it a million times, but it was SO fun having you guys visit. Thanks for all of the running encouragement, and I KNOW that you can do the full distance too! :)

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