Sunday, September 9, 2012

vacation, all I ever wanted...seriously!

If we're Facebook friends, you recently saw this status update from me: home from vacation! Exciting times with the boys: Grandma & Grandpa's house, picnic by Chimney Rock, Jump Street, hanging out with Uncle Nate, Cheyenne's Children's Village (wading in the water), hiking at Estes Park with Tristan leading us (cool), Isaac pulling the fire alarm at the hotel, beautiful wedding, Isaac hitting himself in the head with a horseshoe & getting two staples, bridal shower for Auntie Amber...whew! How did all of that fit into a week?

Oh goodness, vacation was amazing. Top 5 vacations ever! We started out over Labor Day weekend at my parents' house. We went to an old fort nearby - I even got to wear a prairie dress & bonnet (always wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder growing up). Then we headed to visit college friends and see their little boys - they showed us some wonderful hospitality! We had a supper picnic by Chimney Rock - how amazing. I mean, pioneers probably picnicked in the same place!

We stayed the night the following two nights at my sister & soon-to-be brother-in-law's place in Wyoming. Day 1 out there, we headed to Denver to Jump Street. Such fun. I knew the boys would have a blast! In Cheyenne, Wyoming, we went to Cheyenne's Children's Village which is a big park/garden area where kids can wade in the little rivers - awesome. We played at some parks while there, too, but the nicest part was visiting with our brother-in-law and getting the boys naps. 

Then we headed to Estes Park. If you've never been there, it's awesome. I went to FCA leadership camp out there for a week in '99. I actually got to go through the YMCA of the Rockies with my family on this trip, stopping for a picture (uploaded soon) at the Mt. Ypsilon "cabin" that I stayed in back then. Then we went on a short hike and a longer one - both cool. The shorter one took us to a little waterfall and we saw a rainbow trout. The second hike was awesome to see Moose. He went out in front and just plodded along - his body language (to a stranger) saying he wasn't having fun but to us, he was enjoying it immensely. It was awesome to see his independence and just, I don't know. He was so old in those moments. He wasn't a happy camper when we had to quit. We pushed the boys to the limits with no naps on this day. Oops.

That night before checking into our hotel, Squirt pulled the fire alarm. Embarrassing. I made him apologize to the firemen. 

Then we had a wonderful little wedding to attend in Loveland at a guest ranch. It was Big A's cousin getting married; the ceremony was really sweet. Then while they took pictures and we ate h'orderves, Big A and his brother were playing horseshoes. Squirt wanted to try; Big A showed him how to throw it and went back to his game. As I looked on, Squirt threw the horseshoe...and it went up and right back down on his head. Wow, head wounds squirt! A lot. I used my cute khaki jacket to stop it ... boo... and then we took our little man to the ER. Luckily Big A's brother and his wife watched Moose - that was a blessing. About an hour later, we were back and they'd saved us lunch and cake! Oh and Squirt got two staples in his little three-year-old head. Poor guy. 

And then we went back to "Abuela's house" (thank you, Dora the Explorer) aka my parents' house. We got in really late so we just laid the boys down for bed. I helped bake some cupcakes and chatted with my mom and little sister. Saturday we had a bridal shower (theme: Diamonds are a Girls' Best Friend) for our big sister (who gets married in less than two weeks!!). It was lovely - we played the purse game and movie charades (wedding and baseball movies). We had people either dress up or in sports' attire - my Aunt Pam dressed as an umpire - awesome. Then we headed home in time for supper. 

Such a blessing are vacations. Just out of the ordinary fun and time with your family. I think this was the perfect vacation. Not too jam packed but enough to do daily. And not too short, and not too long. Perfect. Thank the Lord! 

I'll post pictures soon.

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