Sunday, September 16, 2012

selfishness vs. servanthood

In Sunday School today, we were in the prayer and praise request portion (I had to leave the rest due to a child happens), and my husband asked for praise for our friends B & A who sacrificed some of their time together to have B come help Big A and our friend N with our roof (we've had a little leak). B has expertise in this area - or at the very least, way more than Big A & N.

Anyway, B said he'd had a really hard day and was stressed over some leadership stuff from church (I believe he's a deacon or trustee. I can't remember). And he said this (or something paraphrased like this): when you find yourself thinking only of yourself, that is a good time to go serve someone else.

Wow. I think that's the most profound thing I've heard in a long time. And then in the church service, the sermon was about the Good Samaritan. How we see people but we don't really SEE them. On the day to day, I see my kids and my husband but do I really SEE them? Do I see their needs and meet them (with a willing heart?)? Do I anticipate their needs and meet them (out of a loving heart?)?

So now I need to evaluate this: Christ gave his life to pay for MY sins. He, who was innocent, paid my debt. Would I go to jail for someone else? Would I pay someone else's mortgage? So...if He has done something so selfish for me, how can I not go and serve others? My primary should be my family - what good is serving others if you completely ignore those you love most? But I can expand. I can serve others. But how? Any really good ideas are welcome.

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Julie said...

It is the little bringing over a meal for a sick or new mom...or for a family that just moved. Volunteering to watch someones kids for a few hours so they can get a break. Writing a thinking of you card for someone...just because. Making a craft for someone at a nursing home. Bringing a batch of cookies to the local fire station. It doesn't have to involve money. It doesn't have to involve a lot of time away from your family. A lot of times it is the little things. It is between you and God only.

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