Wednesday, August 22, 2012

preschool #2

My baby.
Going to preschool.
Oh, my! How did this happen?
I know it seems that I wonder at their growing up too much.
But it has flown by. I feel I've missed moments.
But I've been here for them. And I thank the Lord for that.

So another milestone.
Breakfast to celebrate.
Piston cup eggs in toast.
A little burnt (but they didn't mind).
French toast made of the cutouts (yum!).

More pictures.
Memories captured forever.
Little Squirt wants to be a superhero when he grows up.
I think he's already pretty super!
Big brother thinks so, too... at least sometimes.

Daddy went to work, so Moose was my photographer for this son-mommy picture.
He's got a good eye for it.
Although, Squirt wasn't as tentative as he looks in this picture.

Oh Superman!
Can't go a day without being super.
He did not wear this at school,
but he did wear this to school.
How could a mother say no to that face??

Run, little boy, but not too fast.
Grow, little boy, but not too fast.
Learn, little boy, all you can.
Ready for school.

Big A asked, "how long until he runs up by himself." 
I said, "tomorrow" (but I walked him up to class the second day, too).
He's surely independent.

And in a room with a trampoline,
who doesn't feel at home?
The routine of hanging up his coat and backpack,
sitting for centers, sitting in general,
will take some getting used to.
But I have no doubt he'll excel.
He's a smart young man.
He's a kind young man.
He's still my baby.

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