Saturday, August 18, 2012


Wow! Where did the summer go? Apparently it's back to school time. Thursday was the first day of school here. Moose was very excited to go to Mrs. T's class. I don't know if he truly understood what kindergarten meant versus preschool, but he was excited. I made him eggs and had leftover rolls. They don't have a morning snack and we normally do, so I didn't want him to be hungry.

I took some shots - who doesn't? I made a sign but when I blur out his name & where he wants to work when he grows up (same place Big A does), it's not so cute. So trying to protect our privacy a little since this is a public blog, I'll just put up the other pictures. Contrary to what it looks like, he's not giving a stangle hold to his brother in the first; that's how he puts his arm around Squirt. :)

where did 5 years go?

Big A started off to work and came home. He thought how often does his son go to kindergarten. I was so thankful for him being there for the first send-off.

It's quite a zoo while the kids wait on the old basketball court. We could have walked him in, but I'd like to keep things as they normally are, so we left him in the hands of these sweet 5th graders (and staff with morning duty).

Then little brother got to go down the slide one time before we took Big A back to the house to go to work. Squirt & I spent the morning at the skate park with my little sister who was visiting (but leaving that same day to start another year of college). 

Moose seemed to have a great first day. I didn't learn much about his day except he did nothing with his special ed teacher (which turned out to be true because they didn't do pull out things on the first day) and he didn't have music (which apparently they didn't have, although they normally do on Thursdays). That's going to be a big challenge for me to not be discouraged when he can't or doesn't tell me things about school - whether he can't expand or doesn't remember. I know many kids don't tell their parents about school, but the difference is is that mine really can't. 

I did get a phone call on the second day of school. It seems that Moose will be switching to Miss E's class because there was some conflicts with the scheduling (in regards to the special education pull outs services provided or something like that). The school consulted us but we felt that perhaps this was God's way of telling me to let Him pick Moose's teachers. I had just prayed for his teacher the previous night, saying that if this was in line with God's will for this to be Moose's class, then that was fine. Apparently, God moves in His own ways (lovely, truly!). 
While this may prove a challenge for Moose to switch gears with "I'm in Miss E's class" instead of "I'm in Mrs. T's class," I think it will be fine. I'm going to write him a little social story. I told him today when we met with Miss E that Mrs. T wasn't his teacher but she was still our friend (we attend the same church). I do like that HE knows two kids in his new class. I only knew one boy in his former class - 3 of the moms but only one of the kids and Moose didn't really know him. So that's comforting that he'll have friends already there.

Monday will be the really hard day. I'll be going to school with two and coming home with zero. I've already made plans to spend the morning with a friend. 

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Kim Aberle said...

OH, what big boys. Can't believe how fast they grow up. I am even surprised with my friends kids, not just my own. Hope you are good! Miss you

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