Friday, August 17, 2012

boy camping trip

A week ago, Big A took the boys camping. We'd been talking about this trip for awhile.
I knew the boys would have fun and so would Daddy.
 I think Daddy was a little skeptical. it turns out, I'm right (duh). 
Our friends Nick and his son, J, came out with the boys.
Well, Nick really set it up. I'm so glad it all worked out.

They fished, ate hot dogs, made s'mores. Slept in a cabin.
I think they had such fun.
And I love these next few beautiful shots Big A got with our little point-and-shoot.

Let me just gush here for a moment.
AH! I have beautiful babies. 
Lord, thank you that they take after their daddy.

This also provided time for the mommies to hang out (and the littlest of the two families, T). We watched Bride Wars and had supper. Then I made a solo Wal-mart trip (big fun, I go crazy around here). Thanks Daddies for a wonderful evening. Hope you do it again soon!

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