Monday, July 16, 2012

swim lessons

 This is Moose's first year of swim lessons. Big A taught him earlier this summer (??) to hold his breath and go under water, so once this kid picks up some moves, I think he'll be like a little fish. I can't wait.

His teacher for swim lessons is a gal that just graduated. She also helped in Moose's classroom during the first semester (she was there the second semester, but remember he went to the afternoon class). So she's familiar with Moose! That's a huge blessing. Plus she is one of the town's swim team coaches. Sweet, so she really does know what she's doing.

On Day 4 she said he's focused a lot more than this first day, but I've only gotten to take pictures that first day.

And Squirt and I have been hanging out in the baby pool. He wasn't so happy about it the first day (he wanted to be in the big pool) but he's over it.

Here he's kicking just like his big brother in the big pool!

Moose underwater - holding his breath, not drowning LOL

We've had fun and have another week of it this (16-20) week. So exciting!
Moose even passed Level 1 early - I'm so proud of him!
I honestly didn't know two years ago when he was diagnosed with autism what we could expect - and he's blown my mind over and over of what he's capable of doing.

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