Thursday, July 5, 2012

some of our summer

Moose's first t-ball game!

Moose's first hit at his game!

Moose got home!! 
The season was short (3 practices, 2 games), but he had fun.
It was hot for him so he got upset quite a bit, especially at the games. 
We'll see if this is what we do next summer.

The boys learned that if you push Mommy's patience too far, you get to clean.
So far, they have cleaned (started cleaning bc I know they can't really do it)
the bathroom floor/tub (shown) and the dining room and kitchen floors.
They do a pretty good job for 2 and 4/5.

We were so blessed to be invited to go swimming with the Ayers family. They are missionaries at a seminary in Haiti and our church helps support them and some of their seminary students. Stacy's blog is such a blessing! I was so thrilled to meet her (for real as we've briefly met before). 
Below is Squirt. He was real tired from swimming.

Our little rogue garden has been struggling for lack of rain and my laziness.
We were doing soooo good going out and watering plants.
My plants are doomed.
But here are our not-hard-earned potatoes. Aren't they cute?
They were delicious!

This is how Squirt spends his quality time outside.
The kid LOVES dirt.


Dee said...

Such great pictures!!! I love when they play ball!!

Matt, Stacey, Lily, Sofia said...

I was the blessed one! So glad to have had the day with you and your precious ones!

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