Friday, June 22, 2012

wiggle worm, wiggle worm, please sit still!

Squirt has been a wiggle worm as long as I remember (I do have better video but I can't find it). 

(excuse the high-pitched "badaba" from Moose. This was how he, long ago, asked to see himself in the video camera.)

Mostly it doesn't bother me. 

But lately it's been making our meal times last entirely too long! I don't give him too much food; in fact, I give him much less than I think he can eat so he's not trying to stuff himself.

He likes (most of) the food, but is always looking at this or that, turning around in his chair or his stool, getting up to go potty (almost every meal, no joke), laughing at nothing - anything to distract from the task at hand.

What to do? Anyone have any ideas? My only idea is to make a weighted blanket (with a liner on top for spills and such) to see if that would help. It's aggravating!

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Theresa said...

What about making a special placemat? You could laminate it and give him washable crayons and make sections for each type of food. Example) meat, veggie, starch. Then let him draw in what is on his plate for each meal. Maybe that would keep him focused on meal time? I think the weighted blanket may be a good idea. I used to work with a little girl who wore a weighed vest to keep her "centered".

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