Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a tour of the inside

 #1 in this post: excuse the mess. 
I probably should have cleaned before taking pictures, but I wanted to get pictures up online.

our "laundry room" is really a hallway between the garage and house where our washer and dryer fit.

my kitchen; these cupboards are so deep and useful! And I have a dishwasher!

my cute little breakfast nook!! The boys & I eat breakfast & snacks there most days.

cool pantry cupboard - super deep, too.

closet with water softener

living room - has big windows! The boys like to watch the trains across the park outside.

our computer sits in an open area, not really a room.

our corn/pellet stove. I'm excited to use this in the winter.

my sister is right, in this picture, the walls are hideous. They are really a sunny yellow. 

the sweet craft/game closet! So useful and great shelving! My sewing machine even has a home!

boys' bathroom/main bathroom

another picture so you can see the pretty blue

toy room/third bedroom

awesome built in shelving that fits their movies perfectly

coolest ceiling fan ever!

toy room closet

hallway closet/coat closet without coats hanging yet

our awesome closets! They are huge! The doors slide so there are two halves you can't even see!

both bedrooms have these awesome nooks for dressers.

master bedroom; I want to paint navy accents so the curtains match the mint green better

another angle so you can see how big the room itself is

master bathroom; the vanity has some awesome storage, too

boys' room (taken while they were napping)

their dresser nook and shelves

boy closet (so much closet space!)

the mess of library books and Moose's new bed we haven't moved him into yet

the view from the boys' room with yet another closet
There you have it. A tour of our home. Definitely working out for us so far! The only thing we've found to dislike is the water pressure. It's not the greatest (Moose played in the sprinkler the other day and it was kind of pathetic) but we'll either get used to it or find a problem.

Thanks for all of your prayers, those who have prayed about us finding a home. I appreciate it so much.


Theresa said...

Looks like you have lots of space and closets- that is great. Enjoy :)

Teresa said...

Congratulations! It is so exciting to make a house a "home!"

Stacey said...

Wow, that's a TON of closet space! And your kitchen is quite the improvement over your last place :) So glad you found a home that works for you.

Linda said...

I love the color in your toy room!

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