Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A big thank you to Ryan and Becky, my guest posters while I was away in the Philippines. :) Here are the winners (chosen by random.org) of Becky's book, Longbourn State of Mind:

Ryan C said...
I met my Mr. Darcy while I was in high school, but not like most. On the internet. Granted, I didnt know him, I knew his 'character' in a game and didnt think much of him until 2007 when I met him in person. So yeah, we met on the internet!

China said...
How I met my Mr. Darcy? We met in a new job, where there was not enough of anything. So, we were given the same desk, the same computer, and even the same chair to do our work...I had no other choice, but falling in love!
Hugs, China

I will try to contact both of you as to your good fortune, but be sure to email me back by May 10, 2012 to accept your prize. Otherwise, I'll be forced to share with someone else. I can be reached at sclubmama (at) gmail (dot) com.

**EDIT to add: China, I haven't had any luck finding an email address for you, so please email me by the 10th or I'll have to pick another winner. Thanks

Thanks to everyone for entering!

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