Saturday, May 5, 2012

sobering words

Moose has been loving this Bible stories book from Usborne. He has each story memorized - between listening to it on CD, us reading it, and him reading it. This book is a children's book but goes a little farther than other children's Bibles - Goliath says he's going to kill David, about Jarius's daughter being dead, talks a little about how Jesus was beaten before he was hung on the cross.

Moose was putting together a nativity puzzle we have. He said, "He will die soon." Stopped me in my tracks. "Who will die soon?" "Jesus." I said, "yes, He did die, but is He dead?" "No, He is alive."

Sobering to hear words like "kill" and "dead" come out of your 4-year-old's mouth but it's wonderful how much he's picking up from these stories. And we did talk about not playing David and Goliath at school - can you imagine him telling another kid, "you're going to die, boy"??? Probably would get him expelled.


Keirstin said...

I love this! It is amazing how much children can digest mentally. I think it is very important to read the Bible to children as early as possible. :-D

Matt + Kait said...

How neat to see God growing Moose to understand Him!

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