Friday, May 4, 2012

A Heart Like His by Beth Moore (book review)

I was honored to be asked to review Beth Moore's newest release: "A Heart Like His: Intimate Reflections on the Life of David." Now, this book has been previously released, jacketed hardcover edition, a DVD study edition, and a 90 day study. I haven't done any of these studies but have heard great things about the DVD study and have started one of her 90 day studies on Paul (wonderful).

"A Heart Like His" was really great for me to read because my husband had previously been leading his Sunday school class through 1 Samuel. Much of this book covers 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, and the beginning of 1 Kings. It was validating for my husband to hear me tell him that much of what we covered was covered in this book. I learned so much about Eli, Samuel, Saul, and David - you need the back story on these other biblical figures to understand some of David's story.

David was such a complicated guy: warrior, shepherd, poet, musician, king, lady's man, disobedient, man after God's own heart. Can there be another who is more complicated? The one thing that really stuck with me was how much I could relate to David (and Saul, Eli, Samuel) - the depravity of his humanity. I wish I could say that I could relate with how deeply he sought God, but reading this book made me realize that's so untrue. But I realize the need to search and seek much deeper for God, to try in my own blood-soaked grace-filled life to be like Jesus Christ.

I appreciate Beth Moore's heart for women to learn about and grow in the Lord. I appreciate that she is a smart woman but also uses the wisdom that God has gifted her with, to teach. While I like a good deep-thinking book, I really enjoy a book like this that teaches in a way that anyone with any education (or lack thereof) can read and get something out of. Moore is a gifted speaker and teacher for women (and men) of all walks of life.

"A Heart Like His" was released just this week on May 1; retail price is $14.99. I really encourage you to go out and get a copy. I hope to get another copy of mine as I decided to leave mine in the Philippines with the wife of the pastor whose church we worked with while we were there last week. I know that they don't have as much access to books that help them grow like I have here. She was already 4 chapters into it by the time we left! I didn't even finish it without that 13 hour plane ride!

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) that I've had with the book/author/publisher. 

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