Thursday, May 24, 2012

Called to Controversy by Ruth Rosen (book review)

I had previously heard of Jews for Jesus, but that's all. I assumed their mission was bringing the people of Israel to fulfillment by knowing God's Son, Jesus, and the sacrifice He made on the cross at Calvary. So I decided to review "Called to Controversy" by Ruth Rosen. Ruth is the daughter of Moishe Rosen, founder of the Jews for Jesus movement. This book is Moishe's biography, but Ruth herself says it's hard to speak of Moishe without Jews for Jesus and vice versa.

I thought this book had some wonderful content. It was amazing to read about Moishe's wife, Ceil's conversion to Christianity and subsequently, Moishe's. So sad was the division as they were cast out of their families because of their faith in the Truth. Jewish converts are often cast out of their families - maybe not in today's universalist society, but definitely back in the 50s and 60s.

I loved reading about Moishe's street preaching ministry. I've never seen a street minister; never been anywhere big enough that would qualify one. I'd love to see it someday - probably out in California or something. I think that's such a unique ministry to talk to passerby and commuters, telling them the Good News of the Lord.

Ms. Rosen's writing is something I found awkward about the book. Being Moishe's daughter and a professional, she brought some wonderful aspects to the book. I just thought there were many awkward breaks, switching weirdly from one topic to another. The transitions weren't very good. The end was kind of hard to get through; I'm sure it was tough to write about the passing of her father, but the writing itself wasn't that great, in my opinion.

However, I don't know if someone else could have brought so much else to the book - from Ceil's perspective to former colleagues and friends. Overall, I think I have a good idea of who Moishe Rosen was - a passionate follower of Christ, a lover of the Jewish peoples, a controversial man who often showed the Lord's strength through his own great weaknesses.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to write an honest review. All opinions are my own. Others may or may not have the same experience(s) as I've had with the book and/or publisher. 

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